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Table Of Contents: November 2018

November Nilsson Cover 1118


Vol. 83, No. 5

18 Rising Stars to Watch in 2018-19 | Cecilia Bartoli's New Horizons |  Dressed to Kill: Divas Discuss Their Favorite Costumes | Sound Bites: Hongni Wu

A Life Well Sung thmb 1118A Life Well Sung
This year marks the centennial of the extraordinary Birgit Nilsson, whose accomplishments in opera are unequaled.
By William R. Braun
Illustration by Ego Rodriguez
18 to Watch thmb 111818 to Watch in 2018–19
The editors of OPERA NEWS celebrate eighteen singers set to grab the diva spotlight in the coming season.
By F. Paul Driscoll + Eloise Giegerich + Louise T. Guinther + Henry Stewart + Adam Wasserman
Photograph by Dario Acosta 
18 for 18 Stober thmb sm 111818 to Watch: Heidi Stober
18 for 18 Deveilhe thmb 111818 to Watch: Sabine Devieilhe
18 for 18 Bystrom thmb 111818 to Watch: Malin Byström
18 for 18 Majeski thmb 111818 to Watch: Amanda Majeski
18 for 18 Kim thmb 101818 to Watch: Kathleen Kim
18 for 18 Hyesang Park thmb 111818 to Watch: Hyesang Park
18 to Watch Feola thmb 111818 to Watch: Rosa Feola
18 for 18 Amber Wagner thmb 111818 to Watch: Amber Wagner
18 for 18 Bullock thmb 11818 to Watch: Julia Bullock
18 for 18 Angel Blue thmb 111818 to Watch: Angel Blue
18 for 18 Garifullina thmb 111818 to Watch: Aida Garifullina
18 for 17 Sasha Cooke thmb 111818 to Watch: Sasha Cooke
18 to Watch Chuchman thmb 111818 to Watch: Andriana Chuchman
18 for 18 Morely thmb 111818 to Watch: Erin Morley
18 for 18 Ying Fang thmb 111818 to Watch: Ying Fang
18 for 18 Julie Boulienne thmb 111818 to Watch: Julie Boulianne
18 for 18 Crebassa thmb 111818 to Watch: Marianne Crebassa
18 for 18 Willis Sorenson thmb 111818 to Watch: Rachel Willis-Sørensen
Dressed to Kill thmb 1118Dressed to Kill
An all-star cast of great performers selects their favorite costumes. 
By Daniel J. Applebaum 
New Horizons thmb 1118New Horizons
Cecilia Bartoli celebrates thirty years on Decca with new recordings and her own label.
By A. J. Goldmann 
Second Act Peggy Dye thmb 1118Second Act
Subscribers Only
Peggy Kriha Dye brings her opera-singing experience to her new role as an administrator.
By Fred Cohn 
In Review
Books Waleson Cover lg 1118 Books
Heidi Waleson pens the definitive volume on the life, death and reincarnation of the People’s Opera.
Viewpoint thmb 1118Viewpoint: Diva Self-Respect
By F. Paul Driscoll
Noteworthy thmb 1118Noteworthy & Now
By Eloise Giegerich
Sound Bites Hongni Wu thmb 1118Sound Bites: Hongni Wu
A mezzo from Jingdezhen, China, has a new artistic home in London.
By F. Paul Driscoll 
Operapedia Divas thmb 1118Operapedia: Divas 
Henry Stewart gets down and dirty with opera’s highest and mightiest.
Broadcast Marnie thmb 1118Metropolitan Opera Live in HD Transmission: Marnie 
Online Exclusive
Saturday, October 27, 2018, 12:55 P.M. (ET)
Liner Notes Patti Smith thmb 1118Liner Notes: Patti Smith
By Louise T. Guinther

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