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  • MOZART: Requiem
    SALIERI: Requiem
    Opera & Oratorio June 2023

    MOZART: Requiem
    SALIERI: Requiem

    “The voices and instrumentalists of Le Concert Spirituel bring these works into fascinating dialogue.”

  • NONO: Intolleranza 1960
    Opera & Oratorio June 2023

    NONO: Intolleranza 1960

    “This smacks of champagne socialism: an opera-going elite, in €330 seats, watching the plights of poor migrants set to an ultra-avant-garde score.”

  • BOWLES: A Picnic Cantata
    Opera & Oratorio June 2023

    BOWLES: A Picnic Cantata

    “It feels like a lark: the creators clearly enjoyed their collaboration and were not interested in making a major statement. Ephemerality is coded in its DNA.”

  • POULENC: La Voix Humaine
    Opera & Oratorio June 2023

    POULENC: La Voix Humaine

    “Véronique Gens is impressive, and her instrument remains in remarkably good shape. She finds the brittleness and pathos in the role without recourse to any cheap effects.”

  • MOZART: La Clemenza di Tito
    Opera & Oratorio June 2023

    MOZART: La Clemenza di Tito

    “A labor of love and a testament to artistic determination. It’s a young, enthusiastic performance, enjoyable on its own merits.”

  • VERDI: Rigoletto
    Opera & Oratorio June 2023

    VERDI: Rigoletto

    “A large elevated frame serves symbolically as a window into the Duke’s libido and his transgressions. It’s a neat directorial concept.”

  • RIMSKY-KORSAKOV: Christmas Eve
    Opera & Oratorio June 2023

    RIMSKY-KORSAKOV: Christmas Eve

    “It features a lush, spirited score and a charming libretto, and Christof Loy’s production enlivens it with sparkling modernity and a light hand.”

  • DESSAU: Lanzelot
    Opera & Oratorio June 2023

    DESSAU: Lanzelot

    “This political satire is a daring outcry against totalitarianism from within East Germany. Over the past fifty years, it’s retained its bite.”

  • CHERUBINI: Les Abencérages
    Opera & Oratorio June 2023

    CHERUBINI: Les Abencérages

    “This is a truly rewarding opera, and this recording makes the best possible case for it.”